Monday, August 31, 2009


The first lesson am gonna teach you is how to warm up your body and make yourself ready to dance.Better you warm up better you can dance.As i told you before warm up exercise is more important before you begin to dance.With out doing warm up and stretching your muscles will not be expanded and your blood circulation and heart beat will be low or normal.In this condition if you begin dancing there are many chances that you can get injured.because your muscles wont stretch properly and so its too dangerous to dance with out a warm up.The main necessity of warm up is to make you sweat and warm.After this your blood circulation will be high and the heart beat rate also raises.This makes you more energetic.So don't forget to warm up before you dance.

Now Select a nice song taht makes you feel happy and enthusiastic and start your warm up with some of your favorite steps.If you are a beginner just close the door and do what ever step that you feel as dance.Dance very freely and with full flexibility.Elongate your arms and legs up to your capability.Enjoy the song and dance .Dance until you get sweat fully and until u feel warm and hot.

Soon after you complete warm up after a 5 min cool down start doing stretching exercise.This will remove all of your muscular strains and expand each and every muscle and makes it flexible.The warm up and stretching can be done 15min before you dance.The order of doing stretching is from head to toe.(i.e) slowly start from head rotation and so on to the toe.Start very slowly and increase the speed gradually.Now you are ready to do a vigorous dance with out any injuries.You are safe now.


Balu Baby said...

cool things there you have mentioned, but doesnt dance styles apply ??

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tnx dude..:-)..will update soon

priya said...

cool stuff..:-)