Friday, September 4, 2009


Before going fr the lesson's i need to give some tips to be followed on stage.You might have noticed that every dance school will have mirror's around the floor.That is kept for you to see yourself and dance.So that you can correct your mistake's.Even if you practice in home do it in front of mirror.Some people will think that they are dancing too good with perfection with out seeing the mirror.But only after they see them in mirror all mistakes will be clearly visible and can find where they go wrong.So mirror is must while practicing.But another disadvantage is there for some people in using mirrors.They will practice fully seeing the mirror and while getting on the stage and seeing the audience it will look odd.You have already practiced with mirror and watched your steps and so automatically on the stage your eyes watch down your own steps but not the audience.This is the main wrong thing most of the people do.It wont look good.So always keep your head straight and view the audience.That will really make a difference.

The second main thing is always keep your back and shoulders straight while dancing.It has a great impact on your over all dance.If you have doubt go stand in front of the mirror.Now bend your shoulders slightly down and dance.See how it looks.Your movements may be perfect but it will look horrible.Also i will tell you another example.Stand normally slightly bending your back and shoulders.Now rotate yourself fully i am sure that you will lose control and come front while completing the rotation.Do the same after standing in upright position with your back and shoulders perfectly straight and see.You can finish the role with perfect control and line with out coming front.This is not only for rolling.It will apply for each and every move.Even while doing some hip hop move or ground movements keep this point in mind and do.It will work.

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